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JN’s research and development organization draws upon expertise in multiple discovery plat­forms. This means that, in addition to traditional small molecules, we are sharply focused on biologics.  We have outlined a number of early-stage development that include three novel CNS vaccines and diagnostics to fight Stroke and Alzheimer’s diseases. An anti-TIA/Stroke an oral therapeutic vaccine and point-care settings diagnostics for CNS diseases are in process of human trials. We also have programs progressing through development that seek to expand existing products with newly identified uses and indications. We are hopeful for U.S. approval in 2012 for Meningococcal conjugate vaccine and our human trial outcome will be reviewed at an FDA advisory committee meeting. Our NMDA therapeutics, under investigation  is targeted for regulatory filing in the first half of 2013.

Herpes Clinical studies

Genital herpes Vaccine (GH) human studies:

Type 2 (HSV-2) is a suitable target for a vaccine, despite available antiviral therapies, because the virus causes lifelong infection and significant medical and psychosocial morbidity.

GH non-IND Phase-1 non-IND Study: This study has been initiated in Cambodia using Herpes infected and control subjects.

TIA / Ischemic Stroke Clinical studies

Stroke Vaccine Phase-1 non-IND human study:

This first stage of stroke clinical trials is designed to gain basic safety and pharmacologic information. Single or multiple conservative doses of the drug will be administered to volunteers in South Africa.

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JN's Quality Control & Research Laboratory

Over the past 15 years, new  Neurological therapy candidate were placed into development, with 2 advancing to pre-clinical trials. The majority of these have the potential to be first- or best-in-class preventive and therapies for Transient Ischemic Stroke and Alzheimer's .

CNS R&D - A proof of concept


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TIA and Stroke diagnostics               

NMDA Mechanism of Action               

NMDA auto-antibodies                       

Therapeutic target biomarkers          

Therapeutics for Ischemic Stroke      



Meningococcal oligo-polysaccharide diphtheria conjugate vaccine for age 2 to 55

NMDA antagonist neurological vaccine

Prophylactic & Therapeutic for HSV          


NS3/NS4 based vaccine                      
nSPA epitope vaccine  


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